Catch and Release 2021


Let our 700 pound brown bears tear into your ex… Did you fall hook, line, and sinker for someone who broke your heart? Kodi & Yak would love to help you get your revenge!

Yak grabs salmon

Catch & Release Standard – $20.00 

We’ll provide you with an individualized certificate recognizing that you symbolically fed your ex to a bear and a photo of the bears enjoying their fishy feast!


Saving Wildlife with LOVE! 

At Wildlife Images, our mission is Saving Wildlife so we know that healing can come in all forms! Plus this is an opportunity to support the care of our grizzlies Kodi & Yak, and the other Animal Ambassadors at Wildlife Images! But don’t take it from us….

“A win-win! A clever way to let out frustration while providing to a good cause!”

“This is amazing! Thanks so much for offering this!”

“Thanks for the pictures. This made my day!”

“This is fabulous in multiple ways, the most important of which is saving wildlife!”

“My best friend is absolutely elated that I named a dead fish after them”

“I bought this for my ex who I am still very good friends with. He is very into animal conservation and I was really excited to buy this in his name and support a local organization.”

“Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. We named our fish “breast cancer.” I am an environmental science major and my mother has stage four metastatic breast cancer. You’ve definitely put a real life images of a beast beating up breast cancer.”



Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as an ex? That is up to you! If you have been through a nasty break-up or divorce then this is the perfect opportunity for some closure. Maybe your favorite sports team let you down again. Maybe you are recovering from addiction, in remission from cancer, or need to let go of some demons. It’s all good! Please note that we have removed any profanity and also limited the naming to first names and last initials when provided. This choice also includes politicians. We didn’t do this to protect the “innocent,” but rather in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit… because let’s be real – we are a small non-profit just trying to save animals…

What am I really getting?  Photos and certificates are sent digitally via email. Because of this, it is extremely important that participants enter an accurate email. Wildlife Images uses an automation platform to deliver the emails.

Can I get a physical copy of my materials? No, but we absolutely encourage you to share them on social media or print them off at home. Wildlife Images is a small non-profit and mailing physical files would be too costly and limit the benefit this fundraiser has for the animals who live at the park and receive care at our wildlife clinic. 

When will I get my certificate & photo? This depends on how many people participate. Our goal is to have all materials sent out on, or before, Valentine’s Day. However, unlike humans, animals don’t wear watches. While we are at their mercy, our staff will do everything possible to get your purchase processed and your materials in your inbox on Valentine’s Day. 

Where does this money go? Money raised in this fundraiser supports the care of the grizzly bears Yak and Kodi and more than 100 other Animal Ambassadors who live at Wildlife Image full time. Financial support will also go toward our onsite wildlife rehabilitation clinic that treats 1,000+ animals a year.

Where do the fish come from?  The Cole Rivers Fish Hatchery generously donates hatchery raised and harvested steelhead and salmon. We are grateful for this year round relationship that supplies a dietary option that many Animal Ambassadors would eat in the wild. 

Don’t you think this is a little petty? Yes, of course it is! But we don’t think it’s harmful. There are a lot of tangible ways to honor someone you care about that also serves a greater purpose. However, there are not a lot of ways for someone to use the emotions brought on by loss or heartache for good or to benefit their world. We feel this is the perfect option! And remember, it doesn’t have to be someone who broke your heart… One of our favorite stories is of a woman who named her fish Earl, after a tumor that was removed. 

Where are the other options from previous years? Wildlife Images is a small non-profit and photographing and hundreds of individually named fish, setting up large feeds for the grizzly bears, creating one of a kind videos and sending everything by individual email (like last year) would swamp our staff to the point where we wouldn’t be able to do our daily duties, including caring for the animals. 

Isn’t this bad for the bears? No. If it was bad for the bears we simply wouldn’t do it. At Wildlife Images our staff closely monitors the nutritional value and caloric intake for every Animal Ambassador and wild patient. Diets are appropriately restricted to compensate for Catch & Release Fish Feeds. In the wild, all animals go through periods of feast and famine. For bears, particularly grizzlies, there is a significant spectrum between the lean times and the feast times. You may be familiar with grizzly bears going to a salmon run before hibernation, this essentially mimics that natural behavior of feasting but on a smaller scale.

The Catch & Release program couldn’t be possible without the support of these talented photographers and designers.

David Low

Jaren Hobson Graphic Design

Dustin Peters

Cynthia Briseno

Sky Lakes Media

Shaun Barrentine