2020 By The Numbers

Any way you cut it, 2020 was a record breaking, unexpected, challenging and incredible year!  Check out this amazing breakdown of our record breaking year and read on for the TOP TEN species and rare species who arrived in our clinic!

A total of 1,277 animals came to Wildlife Images for help – the MOST EVER! We helped and healed 133 different species of animals with so many unique patients and some species which we have never treated before. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our volunteers and interns who logged an incredible 15,033 hours of time in our clinic, caring for the Animal Ambassadors, maintaining the park, helping visitors, keeping things humming behind the scenes and sharing our mission of Saving Wildlife. We are so grateful for their hard work. You cannot serve a record breaking number of patients amid a pandemic, while caring for 86+ Animal Ambassadors, and welcome 14,494 visitors without an incredible support network! In 2020, our community rallied around us and made 2,682 individual donations to serve the mission of Saving Wildlife!


Top 10 patient species:

  1. Canada Goose (60)
  2. Western Gray Squirrel (43)
  3. American Robin (40) – tied
  4. Mallard (40)
  5. Red-tailed hawk (38)
  6. California Ground Squirrel (37) – tied
  7. Mourning dove (37)
  8. Western screech owl (34)
  9. Raccoon (33)
  10. American Crow (32)

Unique or interesting species in 2020:

  • Heather vole
  • Western wood peewee
  • Sora
  • Pallid bat
  • Long-tailed weasel
  • Pacific fisher
  • American beaver
  • Greater white-fronted goose
  • Downy woodpecker
  • Cackling goose
  • Bufflehead
  • Broad-footed mole
  • American Bushtit
  • Violet-green swallow
  • Siskiyou chipmunk
  • Southern alligator lizard
  • Pacific slope flycatcher
  • Mountain quail
  • Long-eared myotis
  • Common nighthawk
  • Common poorwill
  • Chipping sparrow
  • Bushy-tailed woodrat
  • Hooded merganser
  • Bullock’s oriole

Thank you to every – STAFF MEMBER, VOLUNTEER, DONOR, AND SUPPORTER for honoring the wildlife we share our world with in 2020!