A Scream Only a Mother Could Love

They are tiny, they are cute, and they are LOUD! If you want your eardrums to bleed then baby raccoons are a go-to. Two raccoons arrived this week. These little boys are about three-weeks-old and still have their eyes closed. While they can’t see or hear… they can talk! Baby raccoons also called, kits, can vocalize almost immediately. They cry when they’re hungry (which is all the time), they cry when they feel something near, they cry when they are cold… they seemingly cry for no reason at all.

Mother raccoons are very attentive to their babies. Maybe that’s in order to keep them quiet??? 😉  They will create and maintain multiple dens so they can move their kits if danger arrises. It can often be during this moving time that humans find “orphaned” babies. The mother moves just one at a time so babies can appear to have been abandoned. I

When every you find a wild baby alone you should first call Wildlife Images. Most babies are not truly abandoned.

Back to the blood curdling screaming… a big reason these babies are so loud is because they are so hungry. Raccoon kits are born with almost no fat stores. They must eat a lot and often or they can easily starve. The two boys in the clinic are currently eating every 3 hours for 12 hours a day. Each feeding can take up to 20 minutes and requires rabies vaccinated staff.

In 2020, we admitted 33 baby raccoons.

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