Rare Patient Admitted into the Clinic

Learn About Patient #19-890

  • Birth: Unknown
  • Arrival: August 26
  • Injury: Head Trauma
  • Gender: Unknown

A tiny, uncommon owl arrives…

It’s been many years since a flammulated owl needed our help. This small feathered friend arrived in Wildlife Images’ clinic in late August. Patient 19-890 came in from the Grants Pass area. It was apparently sitting in the driveway, not moving much, when a neighborhood cat pounced on it. Finders scooped him up and brought him to Wildlife Images. The animal care team immediately suspected some kind of head trauma – perhaps due to a window or car strike. As you can imagine, this guy was pretty shaken up. First a trauma, then a cat attack, and then strange creatures surrounding him. We weren’t surprised when at first he didn’t eat on his own. He is still being force fed, but he has started putting on weight so we are hopeful he can eat on his own soon.

Now you see them, now you don’t… 

Good luck spotting these guys in the wild! Since the flammulated owl is incredibly well camouflaged you likely won’t spot one unless you know they are there. In fact, according to the Audubon Society, these guys are so hard to spot that, until recently, they were thought to be less common than they actually are.

Insects are her love language… 

If it’s got a backbone the flammulated owl wants nothing to do with it. Unlike many other owl species, these guys feast exclusively on insects. In fact, during the courting process, a male owl will set up a buffet of tasty tidbits as the female begs to be fed… talk about romance!


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