Our History

Dave Siddon Sr. and Judy Siddon in the early years
Dave Siddon Sr. and his wife, Judy Siddon, in the early years at Wildlife Images.

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1981 by renowned wildlife rehabilitator J. David Siddon. The facility was created in order to provide for the care and treatment of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Wildlife Images has since expanded to provide educational programs on wildlife, conservation, and the environment to schools, organizations and the general public. The Center, and its programs and activities are a direct outgrowth and continuation of the late Founder J. David Siddon’s personal involvement with wildlife rehabilitation and education for more than 40 years. The center currently operates under the direction of Dave Siddon Jr., who continues on with his father’s mission.

The organization’s clinic, animal sanctuary, and education center are located on 24 acres of land adjacent to the wild and scenic section of Oregon’s famous Rogue River. Animals treated at Wildlife Images have included everything from baby squirrels and badgers to American bald eagles.

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education center is open for public throughout the year, and has a very active educational component. Programs featuring birds of prey, mammals, and reptiles are featured. On-site programs are conducted in in a variety of locations, including the Lodge Classroom, the Education Yurt, and the Rotary Clubs of Josephine County Pavilion. Thousands of children visit the center each year on educational field trips, enhancing their knowledge of nature and wildlife preservation.

In 2022, Wildlife Images earned accreditation with the Zoological Association of America, one of the premier zoological associations in the United States. Wildlife Images became just the second ZAA member in the state after Wildlife Safari. Wildlife Images has consistently earned top marks from the US Fish and Wildlife Service as well as the US Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, but joining ZAA is another measure to show the public the standard of care at Wildlife Images is first-rate.