All a BUZZ….

You won’t BEElieve who is in our newest exhibit! People are all abuzz about these honey bees! Mike Miller, a local beekeeper, gifted us this observational hive to give everyone an up-close look at what bees do when they’re not collecting pollen.  This is such a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about the important work bees do! The new observational bee hive and our hard at work honey bees can be seen any day from 10:00 -5:00 in our Eagle Flight exhibit.

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Without a doubt, bees are one of the greatest, most sophisticated, most organized, most VITAL animals on the plant!  They work tirelessly and make life sweet… One out of every three bites of food that we eat comes from pollinators like honey bees! Our landscaping team has also worked diligently on increasing the amount of pollinator-friendly plants in the park. A walk around the park this time of year is chockfull of incredible blooms, big and small all which provide not just beauty but fuel for our newest resident Animal Ambassadors.

Our bees enjoy a private entrance to ensure their safety and the safety of our guests visiting the hive.

While not everyone is in the place to add their own bee hive, anyone can plant BEE FRIENDLY flowers like alyssum, cleome, zinnias, sunflowers, salvia, calendula, and verbena! 🌸🐝 

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