Alone, but NOT Abandoned

Every year we get many phone calls about fawns “abandoned” and in need of care. In almost all situations the best thing is to not interfere.

In most cases, these fawns are in fine shape and need no human intervention.  After birth, the fawns are left alone for much of the day while their mothers go off to feed. This reduces the likelihood that the mother will attract a predator to the fawn. Mothers generally return only at dusk and dawn to move and feed the fawns. A healthy fawn found during the day most likely as not been abandoned and does not need to be “rescued.”

If you find a fawn close to the road or near some other potential danger, the fawn may be picked up and moved a short distance away (generally less than 50 yards) to a safer location. Try to keep the fawn within eyesight of the original location. If you picked up a healthy fawn that was found alone and mistaken for an orphan, it is best to try to return it to the same spot where you found it within 72 hours.

If you have further questions you can always call our Animal Care Team at 541-476-0222.