Learn About Jack

  • Classification: Mammal
  • Species: Long-Tailed Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)
  • Lifespan in Captivity: 10-20yrs
  • Lifespan in the Wild: 8-10yrs
  • Length: 9-15in
  • Weight: 1-2lbs
  • Range in the Wild: Andes Mountains in Northern Chile
  • Habitat in the Wild: mountain terrain, 9800 - 16400ft
  • Diet: Omnivore
    • Diet in the Wild: grass, seeds, plants, insects, bird eggs
    • Diet at Wildlife Images: timothy hay, apple wood sticks, chinchilla kibble, dandelion treats
    • Gender: Male

All the way from Alaska, Jack joined our team from a chinchilla rescue. Although a little shy, he enjoys gentle visitors and there’s not much he won’t do to get his favorite dandelion treats.