Animal Adventures

Book your WILD Experience online to get the most out your visit and reserve your spot to meet Kodi, Nubs or Argo.


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Ambassador Training

Come alongside our Keeper Staff as they work with the Animal Ambassadors. This is a wonderful chance to get to know the personalities of some of our most popular animals. You’ll learn all about animal/handler relationship and what we train the Ambassadors to do in order to keep them safe.



Critter Playdate

Let’s play! The Animal Ambassadors love to play! They dig, climb, run, jump and relax on their playdates. This is the best chance to get up close** to the Ambassadors and learn about their quirky personalities. Go for a stroll, dig in the dirt for “hidden treasure” or have a snack on your Critter Playdate!



Critter Kitchen

We head behind the scenes into the Critter Kitchen to find out what it takes to feed 100+ Animal Ambassadors every day. Every species has a specific wild diet that must be replicated, calculated and delivered every day. Our Critter Kitchen is the Paleo, Keto, Calorie Counting, Specialized Supplement, Slicing and Dicing hub for everything from Grizzly Bears to Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The brave may even be able to glove up and make a meal of their own, but watch out, you could also end up a dishwasher…


Creation Station

Get creative and hands on in this WILD Experience! You’ll spend time making an enrichment item for an Animal Ambassador! This is a great option for families and elementary kids as you learn what each animal needs to be happy and healthy in human care. All the materials are provided including a special snack for you to incorporate into your master piece!  The grand finale of Creation Station comes as your work of art is delivered to the lucky Ambassador and you can watch as they sniff, claw, peck, roll and tear apart your creation.


**All WILD Experiences are based on animal welfare and staff availability. Wildlife Images cannot guarantee a certain Animal Ambassador on any given day.