Animal Superstitions

Photo Courtesy: Dave Low

It’s Friday the 13th… we are in a pandemic…what could go wrong?! If you’re the superstitious type then we’ve got a treat for you… the practical folks might find these entertaining as well, or just plain terrifying. Just remember… it’s all for fun!


  • The stunning and rare pink dolphins of the Amazon are said to have once been humans. A beautiful thought until the rest of the story reveals that they will transform back into human form at night to steal children from their homes.
  • Death is coming if a black beetle is tapping on your walls or crawls across you shoe. Don’t squash the so called “deathwatch beetle”… instead move it safely outside your home and you may just avoid the ill omen.
  • A coyote in your path is a sure sign to turn back according to Navajo legends which believe it to be a bad omen if crossed on a journey.
  • Whoooo hoooo knows when it comes to owls. They have been linked to good and bad luck through multiple cultural folklore. Many legends name owls as messengers from the spirit world.  A Zuni tribe legend indicates an owl feather in a baby crib keeps evil spirits at bay. (Don’t pick feathers though – they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act!)
  • Don’t get spooked by bats! While many people relate bats to witches and vampires the bad wrap is not consistent. People in Poland and China see bats as a sign of a happy and long life.
  • Butterflies are a sign of good fortune and blessings, right? Not always. Old wives tales warn a swarm of butterflies means a cruel winter.
  • Crows … we could go on and on here… They are one of the smartest, craftiest animals on the planet… but remember – One’s bad, Two’s luck, Three’s health, Four’s wealth, Five’s sickness, Six is death.
  • The sighting of a single fox is generally believed to be a sign of good fortune but many cultures warn that crossing paths with a group of foxes will lead to misfortune as their mischievous ways disrupt your life.
  • “The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!” Some believe you should never hop over a line of ants in you path… but don’t step on them either! Maybe, turn around?
  • Goldfish are believed to bring good luck and happiness in marriage… Wonder why they aren’t on more wedding registries?

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