Argo celebrates 11th birthday

Argo, one of our beloved gray wolf-dog hybrids is turning 11.

Argo and his sister Kelsey came to us from Nevada City, California in 2011 when they were rescued from an unsafe facility that bred wolf hybrids as pets.

For years, Argo has helped countless school children and adults learn about the importance of wolves’ role in our ecosystem. He is one of four wolf hybrids we have at Wildlife Images. Wolves are very social animals, and each member of the pack is important to the group. The rest of his pack are Rogue and Takelma, a pair of 4-year-olds who came here as pups and Agnes, who is 7 and arrived in 2018.

Argo is considered a low-content wolf hybrid, with more characteristics of a domestic dog than a wolf. He is very sociable and has served as a key ambassador for visitors for years.

Argo is enjoying his golden years by relaxing with the older, more mature, Agnes. In late 2019, Argo had a non-cancerous tumor removed. He recovered well and enjoys daily walks and meeting people during special events.

If you would like to help support the care and welfare of Argo, or any of our other animals, consider symbolically adopting one of them here.
NOTE: Not all of our Ambassador Animals are listed on the website for adoption, but they are available. If you don’t see your favorite ambassador, call us at 541-477-0222 or visit us for more information.