Badgers in the Classroom!

Nubs the North American Badger and his fellow Animal Ambassadors are in classrooms around Southern Oregon.

Each year roughly 5,000 children visit Wildlife Images on field trips. While some schools are able to still visit in person, others are choosing to bring Wildlife Images to the students. As part of our Virtual Field Trip, students can bundle up to explore animals’ unique adaptations to survive in cold weather, head outdoors to the astoundingly diverse habitats of the Pacific Northwest, or learn about the baby animals like squirrels and birds who are born in the spring and often come to Wildlife Images for care.



Mrs. Liden’s 3rd Grade Class at Phoenix Elementary picked the Spring Has Sprung lesson for their Virtual Field Trip. The kids loved learning about Nubs and the orphaned baby animals who come to the clinic for care. Part of their Virtual Field Trip included an in-class activity of creating their own badger! Plus, each student received free admission for TWO kids so they can visit with their family this summer!






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