Camp EEK Scholarship Available

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center is the recipient of a $57,770 grant from the K-12 Summer Learning Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. This grant provides scholarships for local families as well as additional educational programs and infrastructure.

The generosity of the Oregon Community Foundation means 200 local students can receive a free week of camp at Wildlife Images’ popular summer program Camp EEK! The value of this portion of the grant totals $24,000.

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Through OCFs generous grant, Wildlife Images is able to educate future generations on how to be good stewards of all the creatures that live on planet earth with us,” said Krista Smith, Wildlife Images’ Education Manager. 

In addition to the scholarships, the grant also covers $4,000 of educational supplies and 18,000 for an additional teacher. This has allowed Wildlife Images to add a second camp which doubles enrollment into Camp EEK, a program which historically sells out every year.

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Wildlife Images’ mission is Saving Wildlife. The organization believes this is accomplished through educating, involving and inspiring. Founded 40 years ago, wildlife rehabilitation is at the heart of the non-profit organization. Nearly $12,000 of the grant will provide an all weather television and camera system for an inside look at what happens inside Wildlife Images’ rehabilitation clinic as it treats more than 1,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. Guests will be able to see what is happening inside the clinic and within our rehabilitation enclosures without impacting the progress of an animals recovery! Wildlife Images has never had the technology to support this important piece of the education puzzle. 

We have never been able to show park visitors the magic that happens behind the scenes at Wildlife Images. With this new capability given to us by OCF, we can give the public a chance to experience some of that magic and hopefully better connect them with wildlife,” said Dave Siddon, Wildlife Images’ Executive Director. 

To support Wildlife Images’ educational programming and ensure future generations become good stewards of our natural world consider making a donation to Wildlife Academy. Choose “Wildlife Academy” in the donation allocation menu.


$57,700 Grant Provides Scholarships to Local Families & Clinic Cameras