Virtual Field Trips will make any class go WILD!

We are committed to the educational branch of our mission and reaching as many children as possible. Since kids can't come to us on field trips we are bringing it to them!


Three themed curriculum programs include every thing a teacher needs for a Virtual Field Trip to Wildlife Images, including a 30 minute video, free passes for each family and lesson plans with activities! Our education staff will handpick an Animal Ambassador to match your chosen theme and the corresponding lesson that is grade appropriate.

Frosty Friends Lesson Plan

Bundle up as we explore arctic animals and their unique adaptations! Learn about cunning wolves, majestic eagles, and color-changing weasels. From the food chain to wildlife survival techniques your students will be immersed in this frozen tundra world!

Pacific Northwest Wildlife Lesson Plan

We head outdoors to the world of foxes, skunks and cougars. Your class visits the astoundingly diverse habitats of the Pacific Northwest! Students will even learn how to identify animals in their own backyards.

Spring Has Sprung Lesson Plan

Spring is the busiest time for the animal world! Meet the bears, badgers, and other animals as the emerge from their winter dens. You class will also learn about the baby animals like squirrels and birds who are born and often come to Wildlife Images for care.

While these have been developed to be purchased by a school, PTA or home schooling family, you can also gift them to a classroom of your choice anywhere in the US!

  • Teacher Developed Curriculum & Lesson Plans
  • Educator's Guide
  • Worksheets & Quizzes
  • 30 Minute Virtual Field Trip Video
  • Age Appropriate Craft with Supplies
  • Engaging & Interactive
  • Easy Implementation
  • Includes Free Kids' Admission Pass for every student
  • Two adult passes for classroom teacher
  • Gift for Classroom Giveaway
  • Delivered to you

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