Evacuation level lowered at Wildlife Images

We appreciate all of the thoughts, prayers, well wishes and offers of help in the last three weeks as the Rum Creek Fire burned north of Galice.

Source: Airnow.gov

The fire is still burning, but the more than 2,000 firefighters who were assigned to the blaze have gained more than 40% containment, allowing fire crews to reduce Evacuation Levels across much of the area. That includes Wildlife Images, which is now not under any official evacuation level. We will remain at a Level 1 as a precaution for the rest of fire season, but know that we are safe and there is no evacuation of our animals in the works.

We can’t thank the fire crews enough for their hard work. They have worked and are still working tirelessly to keep us safe in dangerous terrain.

Visitors and members of the community would be forgiven for believing we were at greater risk than we were, as the Air Quality Index at Wildlife Images — we have a Purple Air sensor on site —  went above 950 at one point and spent most of a week above 300.

The air quality has been much clearer this week, though that can change with the wind. We are still planning on having our Caturday on Sept. 24, weather permitting.

If you are still looking for a way to help, please consider donating. Your support will help us in our mission to Save Wildlife.

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