First Winter Storm

When it snows at Wildlife Images one of two things historically happens. The park turns into a winter wonderland or it’s mayhem. Over the years we’ve lost quite a few structures due to the weight of heavy snowfall and snapped tree limbs. Following a particularly damaging storm in 2015 Wildlife Images began taking more precautions during winter snowstorms.

When our original Eagle Flight enclosure was brought down by heavy snow it was rebuilt in a way that would allow for adjustments when inclement weather was in the forecast. The biggest of these is lowering the netting over the enclosure. This ensures the heavy snow won’t rip down the structure itself. During this time Eagle Flight’s residents are moved into temporary holding for a few days – until the snow melts or can be removed.

Wildlife Images didn’t fare too bad for the first storm of the season. We had a little bit of clean up from some older trees that need trimming but other than that all the Animal Ambassadors, patients, and staff enjoyed the transformation into a winter wonderland.