Fly Paper Works Against Nature’s Fly Catchers

We’ve been dealing with a reoccurring problem recently. Our clinic took in two bats within a week because of sticky fly paper. The finders were able to get the bats off the paper but the residue is so tacky that both bats started sticking to themselves. This included their incredibly delicate wings. In an effort to treat these two little guys we turned to the best treatment available: cornstarch. We gentle covered each bat with the non-toxic powder. The treatment works slowly to absorb the residue – similar to flouring a surface before working with dough. The bat then grooms off the cornstarch – eliminating the tacky residue. During this whole process you must make sure the bat gets as much water as possible because the dry cornstarch dehydrates them quickly. One of the two patients has survived and is even eating on its own now!

The sadly ironic thing about these cases is that bats eat an TREMENDOUS amount of insects every night – including flies! One of the best things you can do to decrease the amount of petty insects on your property is to add a bat box. Here is a great resource to get you started!