Animal Ambassador Field Guide

Part of our mission of Saving Wildlife is to educate the next generation of animal advocates. We want to support the families and students who are at home right now. We have an education guide that helps explain the amazing work we do in the wildlife clinic and introduces you to the awesome species who live at Wildlife Images. This tool also includes three activity sheets that kids can fill out.

We are providing this beautifully illustrated resource for free!
Digital Education Guide

Sample Page from Species Section

You’ll learn all about why western screech owls live in holes created by woodpeckers, which tiny predator can take out prey 10 times their size, and why cougars are more closely related to house cats than lions and tigers!

To get your copy at home – simply download the document. Then you can open it on any pdf reader or print it out.

If you come to visit the park you can also request a complimentary copy (while supplies last) to keep as our gift to you! It’s a fun way to explore the park and take home all the fun facts about the Animal Ambassadors and what we can be doing to keep them safe in the wild.