Golden Eagle Release from Woodrat Mountain

Golden Eagle ReleaseWildlife Images Releases Golden Eagle ‘Beamer’ at Woodrat Mountain Outside of Jacksonville Today

 GRANTS PASS, OR Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center will be releasing the Golden Eagle, Beamer, back into the wild at 12:30 today outside of Jacksonville at Woodrat Mountain. Beamer, named in honor of America’s infamous hero from  Flight 93 on September 11th – Todd Beamer – will be set free from the mountain top known for extraordinary flying experiences from the Rogue Valley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (RVHPA).

Beamer came to Wildlife Images in early spring at just a few weeks old. He was found in the Applegate Valley. “Our goal is to release animals and birds of prey like Beamer as close to the places that they were originally found,” said Dave Siddon, Executive Director of Wildlife Images, “The greatest chance of success for their integration back into the wild is to bring them home.”

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center – “A place where wild things arrive for a helping hand, and leave having given us the ability to understand.” ~Dave Siddon Jr.

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