Triumphant Sibling Release!

The Green Heron is as awkward as a preteen boy, as picky as a toddler at the dinner table, and as high stressed as a bride on her wedding day. All of these factors make the rehabilitation of this species particularly challenging for our clinic crew which is all the more reason to celebrate their successful release!

Unlike their cousin the Great Blue Heron, the Green Heron is … well, less great. Don’t get us wrong, we still think they’re amazing! But, young Green Herons are about as awkward as a preteen boy. They have a beak that doesn’t fit their body, large eyes, and long gangly legs. They are also difficult to rehabilitate. Young herons do not self-feed well. Not only do they not really understand how to dunk their head in the water for a tasty fish, but they also are picky eaters, aka toddlers. Because of this, juvenile Green Herons must be forced fed or tube fed for an extended period of time during rehab. Since the diet is not live and does not match what they would consume in the wild perfectly, we must make up the lost of nutrients with supplements.

Despite all the challenges we were able to get these two siblings back into the wild!

Check out their release video here. 

Feeding two baby Green Herons