Happy World Snake Day!

Here at Wildlife Images we love a good noodle! Snakes are underrated and get a bad rap but they are truly amazing creatures. Next time you see a snake instead of feeling fearful, consider thanking the snake for helping keep the rodent population in check and in turn keeping disease at bay. If you take a minute to think about it… snakes come in every color of the rainbow (and can even be iridescent!), they can move as fast as 18 miles/hour, they can shed their skin, detach their jaws, and are found on every continent except Antartica!


Wildlife Images is home to 6 Ambassador snakes.


If you’re local to Southern Oregon then there is very few reasons to fear snakes. In fact there is only one snake to fear. The Western Rattlesnake is the only snake in our neck of the woods that is venomous. But even the rattlesnake is amazing – they literally warn you to stay away with the rattle of their tail.

We don’t often get slithering patients into our clinic but we recently welcomed a Western Yellow-Bellied Racer. This little guy was picked up by a cat and promptly placed at his owners’ feet while she was in the bathroom. After a strong course of antibiotics, some rest, and a few good meals this patient was release back into the wild!  You can see his release video here.