Have extra vegetables? We may be able to take them


Inflation has hit everyone over the last year, and belts are tightening.

For Wildlife Images, that has shown itself in many ways. We have very generous food donors in the community, including the Safeway in downtown Grants Pass and the Fred Meyer off the Grants Pass Parkway, but they haven’t been able to donate as much to us for our animals, which means a larger portion of our budget is dedicated to feeding both our Animal Ambassadors and our rehabilitation patients. The price of produce has also gone up, squeezing the wallet even more.

Many people in the community grow their own gardens, and may at times have a surplus. If you are willing and able, please consider donating produce to Wildlife Images to help us feed our animals.

Some of the current requests from our Animal Services department:

  • Root vegetables (rutabaga, carrots, potatoes, etc.)
  • Tomatoes
  • Other above-ground vegetables (Cucumber, corn, green beans, peas, etc.)

Please no moldy or rotten food items.

There is a list of foods we can take on our Wishes for Wildlife page, though how much of each we need varies seasonally. If you have any questions about donations, please call us at 541-476-0222.

We don’t take government funding and rely on the generosity of the community. Thank you, as always, for helping us in our mission to Save Wildlife.


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