Help us fund the diet of Shoshoni and Rufus

As two of our resident Bobcats — Rufus and Shoshoni — begin to age, they require more specialized care.

We are asking for your help to fund a specially-formulated diet. It costs a little more than a typical diet plan, which will give them the best-quality diet to help them enjoy their advanced years.

Shoshoni is the older of the two. She turned 22 this year and came to us as kitten after she was recovered from someone who illegally abducted her from the wild. Rufus, 19, was also taken illegally from the wild, but the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife took possession of him at 3 months old and put him in our care.

Rufus is more playful and gets the “zoomies” from time to time. Shoshoni is a very dainty eater and is more quiet and reserved than Rufus. She also enjoys a good snuggle with Rufus in their hammock.

Donate HERE. Select  “WISHES FOR WILDLIFE” in the donation allocation menu.  You can also check out our Wishes for Wildlife tree this Saturday during Caturday, our celebration of all things feline.

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