How Does Your Garden Grow?

A Koi Pond, Pumpkin Patch, Miniature Forest, and Nub’s very own Meditation Water Feature are all in their full glory at Wildlife Images!
Many people come to visit our park to enjoy the animals we have the honor of caring for, but did you know that just as much care and dedication goes into the plants as well?
Shari Teague, our landscaper, along with some wonderful volunteers, work hard to create the beautiful scenery that you see every time you visit! Many of the plants you see are also a food source for our residents. Some are naturally occurring, others were planted on purpose to provide a food source! Our Animal Ambassadors enjoy miners lettuce, apples, plums, grapes, grape leaves, persimmons, cherries, blackberries, blackberry vines, dandelion greens, pumpkins, and plantain weed… all grown right here on campus! As a Master Gardner, Shari has not only a green thumb but a keen eye for design. She has rehabilitated the Koi Pond and created a new water feature. Shari has also established several new gardens on campus including a forest in miniature near the clinic!

The next time you’re here, stop and smell the roses, or the wildflowers!