How to bring in injured wildlife

A baby squirrel was recently brought to the park for rehabilitation.
Our staff is prepared to help the animals from intake through release.
Wildlife Images takes in over 1,000 patients every year! With that many patients coming and going, we thought we would take a moment to let you know how an intake process works!
* When you find an animal that may need assistance, we encourage everyone to call us FIRST at 541-476-0222! This allows us to get more information about the animal, prepare for the intake, & sometimes even find out that it doesn’t need our help at all!
* When bringing us an intake, there are a few best practices! Keep the animal fully contained in an enclosed container with ventilation, keep them in a quiet area, and avoid handling the animal!
* When you arrive, a member of our staff will be there to take the animal to our expert care team! We will ask that you fill out a form that gives us more information about the animals condition and situation.
* Wildlife Images currently accepts intakes between the hours of 9am-5pm. If it is after hours, give us a call, leave a message, and keep the animal in a quiet place until we are open and you can bring them in!
Thank you all for helping us save wildlife! We could not make a difference in the world of wildlife without you!