ICU Improvements

New kennel ready for its first patient

Larger birds of prey like eagles, osprey, and great horned owls will have more room in the brand new kennels just installed in the intensive care unit of Wildlife Image’s Clinic. The old kennels had been in place for more than 20 years and they came to us second hand!

We used the old fiberglass ICU kennels for more than 20 years old and came to us second hand

These stainless steel kennels are a major upgrade. Not only are they larger, but they can be completely sterilized. Our previous ones were made of fiberglass which, overtime, can become porous and make cleaning difficult and sterilization nearly impossible.

Even the way the doors are constructed allow for easier access and assessment at a quick glance. The 24 kennels were made possible through a grant from the Summerlee Foundation. The $10,000 grant also covered the cost of a new microscope and centrifuge to allow our clinic staff to diagnose and treat the animals faster than before.

Dave Siddon checks in on the installation of the new ICU kennels

We are so grateful to the Summerlee Foundation and all of the organizations which financially support our mission of Saving Wildlife through community grants.