Jail Break!!!

Well… sort of. In the last few weeks we’ve released so many patients that it feels a little lonely around here. Just kidding! We still 75 patients we are taking care of full time. Of course, there is a big difference from 250+ patients to 75! As of this morning, we are at 1,030 patients for 2021 which is right on track with last years. We’ve had some significant releases lately that has decreased our patient load. As we enter late summer and fall our patient load will dramatically drop off. While the clinic remains open and always has patients in the ICU, this is when we transition into deep cleaning, ambassador handler training, building and improving enclosures, and major health checks on our Animal Ambassadors. Our goal is to return animals to the wild so they can not just survive, but thrive, so release are always special! Here are a few of the more recent patients who busted out on their own!


11 Striped Skunks (Thank goodness!)

Skunk patients when they first came in and were not so stinky!

1 Barn Owl

Barn Owl on the way to release

3 Virginia Rails

An unusual species for our clinic, which was, at first was hard to identify

1 Western Bluebird

1 Black Headed Grosbeak

1 Brewers Blackbird

3 Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn Woodpeckers attempting to wait patiently for something to peck holes into upon release

1 Great Horned Owl

Of course, then there is a very popular patient that we were thrilled to see return to the wild! This Great Horned Owl came to us as a tiny owlet. She couldn’t be reunited with her parents so our Great Horned Owl Ambassadors, Buddy stepped in as a foster parent. Mothering wasn’t really Buddy’s idea of a good time but she eventually relented to the puff ball and went from working with handlers everyday to her new role as foster mom.

Great Horned Owl Patient with foster mom Buddy
Great Horned Owl looking back at clinic crew during release