Juvenile Eagle Finds a Foster Sibling

A Bald Eagle came into care in the last days of June. As is our practice with raptors we first attempted to find her nest and return her to her parents. We searched but no nest could be seen. She was just old enough to be on the very edge of fledging. Which is probably how she ended up far enough from her nest to be unable to find her way back. ¬†Following the patient’s initial exam, our staff put in long hours on the hunt for a nest with like aged siblings. We searched high and low for the perfect foster family. Like many other bird species, raptors can be candidates for fostering. However, they are a bit more particular than say a mother goose. After about 10 days it became clear we did not have a suitable option for our heathy, young bald eagle. Because of the birds age, hand raising the bird for successful release would risk imprinting. We reached out to other rehabilitation centers in Oregon to see if any of them had an eagle in care of the same age. We found the perfect foster sibling at Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene. The eagle will be placed there for care until she can make her way back to Southern Oregon for release in the Gold Hill area.

Eagle gets hooded for move from enclosure to transport vehicle