Kodi & Yak birthday party was a WILD success!

Nearly 200 people came to Wildlife Images on Saturday to wish Kodi and Yak a happy 30th birthday! There were another 100+ who came out on Sunday as well!

We’re humbled by the love shown to our wonderful bears. They have been with us since they were cubs and have been Animal Ambassadors for us for 25 years. All of the messages on their oversized birthday card are greatly appreciated.

Everyone in attendance sang happy birthday as the pair tore into their presents, which were covered in honey as an added treat. Snacks and portions of their diet were included inside the presents as an enrichment opportunity.

They each received a frozen “cake” with fish, berries and watermelon to dig into as well.

We want to thank everyone for coming out and being so excited to celebrate a wonderful milestone with our Alaskan Brown Bears!