Meet Rosie!

Our newest Ambassador is getting comfortable and growing fast!! We couldn’t pick just one photo of Rosie, so here are… a bunch… most of her smelling things and exploring her world!

This precious Virginia Opossum was found all alone hiding behind a flower pot. At three months old she would have recently crawled out of her mother’s pouch. Virginia Opossums are America’s only marsupial and are considered non-native in Oregon. Because of this, Wildlife Images is not allowed to treat opossums in our clinic. We secured special permission from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to keep this particular opossum and raise her with intent to be an Animal Ambassador. Rosie is under the clinic staff’s care until she is fully grown. It won’t be long until she is on permanent display as an Animal Ambassador!

Rosie does make spontaneous visits on campus. Stay tuned for more information on when she’ll move into her new habitat – we’d love to have you at her house warming party!!

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