Ms. Jefferson returns to Eagle Flight

Ms. Jefferson stands in her creek

After a short time off tour, Ms. Jefferson returned to the Eagle Flight on Wednesday morning. One of our two Bald Eagles, Ms. Jefferson, has been with us since 2005.

Miss Jefferson ~ photo by Michael Wilhelm

While Ms. Jefferson was away, our Golden Eagle, Duchess, got a chance to explore the Eagle Flight and all of its nooks and crannies. Duchess is back in her regular enclosure in the Bird of Prey Building next to our other Bald Eagle, Defiance. Stop by and welcome her back to the Eagle Flight.

As many of you know, Ms. Jefferson fell out of her nest as a juvenile, and due to injuries sustained at the time, is unable to fly. Since then, she has been a great Animal Ambassador. You can often find her near the front of Eagle Flight on a perch or hopping around. You certainly can hear her talk as she chatters away throughout the day.