NEW Themes for Camp EEK!

Our Camp EEK is bigger and better than ever!! This year families can mix and match between the Eagles Nest and the Badger Den weeks! This allows us to open Camp EEK up to more students than we ever have before! We also have new themes including Wildlife Warriors, Desert Oasis, Rainforest Friends, WILD Olympics, G’Day Mate! Of course, we still have your favorites like Kritter Kitchen, Wildlife Hospital and Shark Week!


Wildlife Warriors – As a brand new Wildlife Warriors Worldwide partner we share the incredible efforts around the globe to Save Wildlife! Learn about the animals who are threatened and endangered and how humans play a role. Investigate habitats that are most at risk from wetlands, to oceans, to rainforests. Most importantly, campers will learn real life changes and actions they can make to help Save Wildlife at home and around the planet!

Desert Oasis – We heat things up and head into the sand dunes for a look at the incredible plants and animals who call the arid and hot habitat home! Travel across the cracked earth and sandy climbs to a refreshing oasis to learn about how just a little bit of water can make species seem to appear out of nowhere!

Rainforest Friends – Calling one of the most ecologically important habitats on the planet home, our Rainforest Friends need our help. We swing from tree to tree with the primates, steal fruit from the tropical birds, slither across trees with the largest snake species in the world and create a community of millions with the insects of the rainforests! Campers also learn how the rainforest plays such a critical role in everything from the medicine we use to the weather around the globe… and what threatens this delicate balance.

WILD Olympics – High jump, swim, run, and fly to the podium for this award winning week! Campers learn all about the mind-blowing abilities found in the animal kingdom! Plus, we get physical as we go for gold through lots of games, actives, and competition.

G’Day Mate! – CRIKEY! The most poisonous, the most outrageous, the most dangerous week of camp yet! (just kidding, parents!) We go Down Under to the one and only Australia to learn about the species that make this continent home. From the famous kangaroo to the deadly taipan snake and the bizarre looking thorny devil … and of course the crocodile students will criss cross Australia to go WILD!


Registration is now open for our 2021 Summer Camp EEK!

Camp runs from June 21 – August 27

Don’t let the learning stop just because school is out! Enroll your kids in Summer Camp EEK! Our seasoned educators and Animal Care Specialists allow campers to go WILD for the summer as they hang out with Animal Ambassadors, play games, make cool crafts and explore the outdoors. Camp EEK! at Wildlife Images provides a safe and engaging place for kids to experience hands-on learning centered on wildlife, nature, and conservation. Camp EEK runs from 9:00 – 3:00, Monday – Friday. We welcome kids ages 6 to 11.

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