Pacific Power helps underwrite education programs

The Pacific Power Foundation recently awarded Wildlife Images a $5,000 grant to help underwrite its education programs for this year.

Our summer Camp EEK! program is 10 weeks and reaches more than 400 elementary-aged students. We also offer Camp EEK! during fall, winter and spring breaks.

We seek to educate the youth of tomorrow on how to be the best stewards of the environment that they can be. We use a combination of conventional teaching methods with lessons and worksheets to hands on STEAM activities throughout the campĀ day. Our curriculum incorporates both Common Core standards as well as Next Generation Science Standards. The campers
tour the park each day where the teacher can bring the subject full circle with the wildlife the children see in front of them. In addition, daily encounters with our animal ambassadors liven up the camp environment. With visits from animals as small as a Madagascar hissing cockroach to as large as a wolf, Camp EEK is easily the most unique camp experience offered in the area.

For more information on Camp EEK!, visit our website at .Scholarships are available.

This funding will also allow us to restart our homeschool programs. Wildlife Images aims to have semi-weekly home school workshops this fall, helping to supplement their at-home curriculum with a high-quality learning experience. Keep an eye on the newsroom for more on Homeschool Workshops as we get closer to the fall.

The Pacific Power Foundation also awarded us an education grant 2021. The grant was dedicated to improving our educational capabilities for our rehabilitation clinic. We were able to set up a webcam in the clinic to better show how we help Save Wildlife.