Patient Update: River otter (Patient 1,000) making great strides

Learn About Patient #21-1000

  • Classification: Mammal
  • Species: River Otter (Lutra canadensi)
  • Lifespan in the Wild: 8-9yrs
  • Length: 3-3.5ft
  • Weight: 11-30lbs
  • Range in the Wild: wide distribution across US and Canada, sparse in Great Plains
  • Habitat in the Wild: aquatic
    • Diet in the Wild: fish, birds, frogs, insects, shellfish
    • Diet at Wildlife Images: fish, chicken, other meats
    • Injury: Multiple
    • Departure: TBD
    • Gender: Male

The otter receives a checkup from Wildlife Images staff

This juvenile River Otter came to us from Brookings, Oregon, where he was found in a parking lot with multiple minor injuries, including a wound on his neck.

He was brought into the clinic underweight and needed some intensive care. We began feeding him SIX times a day and tending to his wound. Soon, he was feeding well and we were able to feed him larger amounts three times a day! Otter 21-1000 is eating THIRTY PERCENT of his body weight every day! That would be like a 100-pound person eating 30 pounds of food every day! What a feat!

He has doubled his weight in just a matter of weeks from just 3.5 pounds when he arrived. His neck has healed, which allows the otter to be more active and mobile.


Patient 21-1000 makes regular use of his pool.

When we care for him, we make sure that we make as little noise as possible and we wear a full body suit that breaks up our body pattern and covers our faces! We want to make sure that he doesn’t imprint on humans so that he can go back into the wild whenever he is ready!

Recently, our otter friend was given a new swimming pool and he is OBSESSED! He is doing so well swimming in and out of the pool and making messes in his enclosure!

Make sure to check out our YouTube page for a video update of patient 21-1000 as well.

We hope our adorable friend continues to do well and that patient 1000 can be a wild otter once more!

Patient 21-1000 takes a nap in his enclosure.