Animal Care Policies

The Wildlife Images Animal Care Clinic does not accept non-native, domestic, or certain other animal species for treatment. These rules are enforced by ODFW and USFW.

Non-Native Animals

All non-native species pose a threat to the healthy balance of our native ecosystem. Species such as rock doves, house sparrows, starlings, opossums, eastern gray squirrels, fox squirrels and many others were introduced to this area by humans and are competing for limited resources with Oregon’s native wildlife. For that reason, we do not contribute to returning more non-native species to the wild. Our regulating agencies (ODFW and USFW) do not permit us to treat, rehabilitate, or release non-natives back into the wild.

We do, however, offer non-native species humane euthanasia to ease the suffering of their injuries. If you find a wounded or suffering non-native animal, do not hesitate to bring it in.

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals found injured or abandoned on the road should be taken to the appropriate local facilities. You may start by contacting Josephine County Animal Shelter for advice on how to proceed. We do not accept, nor do we offer treatment to domestic animals such as domestic duck or goose species, domestic or exotic bird species, dogs, cats, or any livestock.*

*If you have already dispatched livestock that you are specifically donating as food for our residents, please call our front office for more information, 541-476-0222.

Prohibited Species

If you see a bear, cougar, or coyote, contact ODFW or Oregon State Police for assistance. Do not attempt to assist it or assume that it has been abandoned. Oregon Administrative Rules do not allow for Wildlife Rehabilitators to rehabilitate bears, cougars, or coyotes.


Wildlife Images and the ODFW have mutually decided to place a temporary moratorium on the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned deer. If you find one that is seriously injured, call our front desk for more information as we have resources on where to send them for care.

Q: “Since you don’t accept it, can I care for it myself…”

Removing or “capturing” an animal from the wild and keeping it in captivity without a permit is against the law. It is considered a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $6,250 fine.

If you need more information or advice with an animal situation, please call our front office at 541-476-0222