Renested Baby Owls

We go to great HEIGHTS to Save Wildlife!

The best thing for any baby animal is to be with mom. This is certainly the case with these “adorable” owlets! A family noticed the young great horned owls on the ground in a local park and reported that adult owls were nearby being very vocal. We know this means that renesting the babies could be a possibility.

Clinic Team Members Ali and Abbie rushed to help. Following a quick field exam for injuries, Ali, who happens to also be a competitive rock climber, didn’t hesitate to grab the laundry basket and scale the tree. Her knot tying knowledge also came in handy. Abbie stayed on solid ground with eyes peeled for swooping parents. Like many other species, owl parents are fiercely protective and could easily injure either staff member in an attempt to protect their babies. What made the situation even more perilous was that both parents were watching and screaming alarms which is very unusual.

It was almost exactly a year ago when we  successfully renested another set of baby great horned owls!

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