Save Wildlife – with love!

Share the love this year by purchasing our custom-made Valentine’s Day cards featuring Wildlife Images’ residents! Each 5×7 card is $5 and features one of our educational ambassadors, and comes with a 5×7 envelope. Cards can be purchased in our gift shop, or online here.

Check out these cool designs, and learn a little about the critter on each one!


Bearded Dragon

Speedy came to live at Wildlife Images when his previous owners could no longer take care of him. He is an incredibly entertaining, social animal who has turned out to be a favorite for encounters as an education ambassador. Whether he is hunting crickets, taking his human for a walk on the leash, or sleeping on someone’s shoulder, there is no end to his adorable antics.



Red-Tailed Hawk

Beauty flew into a building in downtown Medford and was brought to us for rehab. She was treated, released, and then flew into the same building again a week later. A more thorough examination revealed that she is blind in her right eye and has only limited vision in her left. It took some time to identify her species, due to her very unusual plumage, but we believe she is a light morph Harlan’s hawk (a subspecies of red-tail). Her white coloring makes her one in a million – the natural platinum blonde of the raptor world.



Great Horned Owl

Buddy was presumed to be male for many years due to her small size until she laid her first egg. Now, she lays eggs in late winter or early spring, which we allow her to sit on for a week or so before we replace them with golf balls.


American Badger

Nubs and his two siblings were orphaned when their mother was hit by a car near Bend, OR and were brought to WLI to be raised. They were only three weeks old and about the size of a potato, weighing only a pound. His siblings (christened Bonnie and Clyde) were sent to the High Desert Museum to join their education program, while Nubs stayed here at Wildlife Images. Because of the age and size of the kits, we knew that there would be too much hands-on care required to avoid habituation, so ODFW and WLI made the decision to socialize him to join our education ambassador team. His captive upbringing has made him much friendlier than your average badger, though he does have his grouchy days, during which we know to steer clear. He spends his days digging, snoozing and when the mood strikes him, doing his happy badger dance when he scurries and bounces up and down.


River Otter

Nestle is a movie star, retired from the silver screen, she arrived at WLI when she was four years old. Her last movie was Evan Almighty, in which she was filmed doing several behaviors later duplicated on screen to make several shots of otters in the film.

Gray Wolf Hybrid

Argo and his sister Kelsey were brought to us from an unsafe situation in Nevada City. They were rescued and transferred to Wildlife Images for permanent care. Since wolf hybrids typically do not make good pets, the rescuer sought out a home for them where she knew they would be properly handled and cared for.