Scholarships available for Homeschool Workshops

We are proud to announce that our Homeschool Workshops are now underwritten by AllCare Health.

That means we have scholarships available to anyone who signs up to participate in one of our workshops. With scholarship, each session is just $10!

These workshops are designed to stimulate the curiosity of students through science-based lessons that focus on NGSS & Common Core standards as well as STEAM-based learning opportunities.

We have workshops each Tuesday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and the courses are designed for students 6-11 years old, and they are based in our Education Yurt right here on campus.

To access the scholarship, enter the code “ALLCAREHOME” at checkout.

For more information, visit

Classes are filling up fast, and there are only a handful of spots available for classes scheduled through April.

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