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Wildlife Images understands not all families can cover the cost of childcare and tutoring during this difficult time. We are offering both a Scholarship Program and Payment Plan.

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SCHOLARSHIPS: There are a limited number of week-long scholarships available to students. Scholarships will be awarded based on need and enrollment availability. Scholarships may be awarded in part or for the full tuition of $140. Scholarships may be offered for a single week or multiple weeks.

PAYMENT PLANS: Some families may be able to cover the cost of enrollment but paying for multiple weeks and or children up front is a financial hardship. Payment plans require an initial two week minimum payment. Each tuition payment will be due one week prior to the enrollment week. For example, for a single child enrollment you would pay for week 1 & 2 upfront and then pay for week 3 at the beginning of week 2, pay for week 4 at the beginning of week 3, and so on. Your spot would be reserved for your chosen weeks. Failure to make a payment would forfeit your enrollment for all future weeks.

Support a child during this difficult time by providing a scholarship!

Simply choose “Critter Campus Student Scholarship” under the Donation Allocation drop down menu.

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Keep your child on track, safe, and provide a WILD experience by joining Critter Campus today!

Flexible scheduling is KEY! If your child’s classes happen outside Critter Campus hours we’ll accommodate for free!

Questions? Call 541-476-0222 or email our education team!

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Consistency – Let our certified educators support your child through their school’s curriculum.  From 7:45 to 1:00 your child’s school day will be facilitated at Wildlife Images’ Pavilion. This unique multi-season facility provides high speed WiFi for your child’s district provided device, learning zones, and plenty of room for social distancing.
Quality – Critter Campus strives to blend all the benefits of a traditional classroom with the creative and place-based learning that only Wildlife Images can provide. Your child will be able to participate in Grizzly Yoga, Reading to Raptors, and countless other games and activities in a safe way that promotes a healthy mind and body.
Care – The day continues with after-care programming to support working parents.  From 1:00 – 6:00 your child will meet animal ambassadors, participate in activities and enjoy making new friends.   


Learn more about how we are protecting your child and our Critter Campus Communicable Disease Management Plan


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Does it seem like a lot of money? See what you’re getting out of the Critter Campus and After Care programs.



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