LaMancha Goat

Capra aegagrus hircus

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This breed of goat is believed to have descended from goats brought from Spain to the west coast of the United States. The creation of the species is credited to Eula Fay Frey, who bred them in Oregon in the 1930’s. This is the only breed of dairy goat developed in the United States. Among the dairy community, they are known for their steady milk production, amenable nature, and varied coat colors.

LaMancha goats are known for their short ears, which come in two types. “Gopher ears” are almost non-existent, measuring a maximum of one inch long, with little or no cartilage. The end of the ear will be turned up or down. “Elf ears” are longer, measuring a maximum of two inches long and also turning up or down. These typically will have cartilage shaping the ear.

Goats are browse eaters, finding a majority of their food on the branches of bushes or low-hanging trees. Goats are known for good climbing and balancing abilities, which helps them to forage and find food.

Hay, grasses, leaves, vegetables, fruit
Historic - southeastern Spain
7 - 10 years
Domestic Only
Length / Wingspan:
3 feet
130-160 lbs