Reptile Room

The Reptile Room is home to many of our animal ambassador reptiles.

The Reptile Room includes:
Sampson — Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
Rosa — Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula
Speedy — Central Bearded Dragon
Cueball — Ball Python
Eightball — Ball Python
Darth Vader — California Kingsnake
Darth Maul — California Kingsnake
Maz — Corn Snake
Yoda — Red-tailed Green Rat Snake
Darwin — Eastern Box Turtle
Agave — Desert Tortoise
Admiral Akbar — Red-Footed Tortoise
Khaleesi  Red-Footed Tortoise
C3PO — Armadillo Lizard
Coconut  — Leopard Gecko
Mango — Leopard Gecko


Resident Animal Ambassador

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