Support Wildlife Images by buying your prescriptions at Rite Aid

We are excited to announce a new way to support Wildlife Images.

Just by buying the prescriptions you normally would through Rite Aid Pharmacy, Wildlife Images can get 50 cents for each prescription if you sign up for our fundraising plan.

This fundraiser doesn’t cost you anything more than you normally would spend on your prescriptions. Just register at the link below, and use your Rite Aid Wellness NumberĀ  at the time of purchase. The donation will be made automatically! These small donations add up. According to a Rite Aid study, just 25 people filling their prescriptions throughout the year can mean as much as $1,000 a year in donations.

Click here to sign up

Already have prescriptions on file somewhere else and need to transfer them? Click here.

This fundraiser is not just limited to people in Grants Pass. This works at any Rite Aid Pharmacy. Need to find a Rite Aid near you? Click here.

Thank you for supporting Wildlife Images.