Thanks for making Caturday a success!

More than 160 people came out to wish our cats a happy Caturday on Saturday and showed overwhelming support for our cats.

Attendees helped create enrichment for our Bobcats, using smelly markers, which Patrick and Mariah quickly took to, getting a big whiff and rubbing all over the paper.

We also got a chance to see Brady the Cougar show off his hunting skills during one of our several Keeper Talks. For Brady’s enriching experience, our Animal Services staff hid food throughout the enclosure, including some places that would have been out of reach for humans. Brady showed his dexterity and awesome length as he plucked the food from the various hiding spots.

Visitors also has a chance to see how far they can jump compared to a variety of felines, including a house cat (4 feet), Bobcat (more than 10 feet), Lynx (more than 25 feet) and a Cougar (more than 40 feet).

There was also a display of bio-artifacts showcasing awesome adaptations felines have to survive in the wild.

Everyone who contributed to our community mural in honor of our cats will be in the park through the end of October.