This Weekend: Endangered Species Day

Right now. In this moment. Today. More than 37,000 species are in danger of extinction and most of us don’t even know those species exist. It’s not all about the big marquee species like Pandas, Tigers, Elephants & Rhinos. Each and every animal and plant, no matter how small, serves a unique purpose in the ecosystem.

Friday, May 21 is Endangered Species Day. It’s an opportunity to learn about and support the work that’s being done to save species and the environments they live in.

Join us as we mark this important day on Saturday, May 22.

We are opening up our collection of forensic evidence from crimes against wildlife.

Feel the weight of an elephant tusk, touch a sea turtle’s shell, and see a leopards pelt. During our Endangered Species Day event you’ll learn the stories of these animals and the crimes still being committed against wildlife today. Hear about our unique relationship with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab. Plus, you’ll find out what’s being done to protect animals on the endangered species list and how you can do your part! We’ll have learning opportunities, crafts and fun for the whole family!


Endangered Species Day

Saturday, May 22

10:00 – 2:00

*This event is included with admission. Crafts are available while supplies lasts.