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Saving a species from extinction and preserving genetic diversity is no easy task. It takes experts all around the world and committed people just like you to undo much of the damage caused by humans. Just 75 minutes north on Interstate 5 from Wildlife Images is one of the most successful cheetah breeding programs in the world. The veterinarian at the helm of that program is joining us for our Wonders of Wildlife Lecture Series. Dr. Benji Alcantar, MVZ, is a consulting veterinarian to Wildlife Images and the Head Veterinarian at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. He specializes in exotic animals and species conservation breeding. Wildlife Safari boasts a world renowned cheetah breeding program and works with facilities around the country to ensure species not only survive in the wild, but thrive. Dr. Benji, as he is referred to, will share his expertise on how species breeding can not only bring animals back from brink of extinction but also provide genetic diversity which is vital to the species survival in the future. Benji will dispel myths around zoological breeding and share some of the amazing developments that prevented species from encountering extinction.

Saturday, September 11, 5:00 – Encountering Extinction
Dr. Benji Alcantar, DMV, Exotic Animal Veterinarian/Head Veterinarian of Wildlife Safari

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Dr. Benji Alcantar, MVZ, Species Conservation Breeding Specialist/Head Veterinarian at Wildlife Safari
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