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Badgers, bobcats,
and bears oh my!

Yes, you will see all of these and many more.

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1981 by renowned wildlife rehabilitator J. David Siddon. The facility was created in order to provide for the care and treatment of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. Wildlife Images has since expanded to provide educational programs on wildlife, conservation, and the environment to schools, organizations, and the general public. The Center and its programs and activities are a direct outgrowth and continuation of the late Founder J. David Siddon’s personal involvement with wildlife rehabilitation and education for more than 40 years. The center currently operates under the direction of David Siddon Jr., who continues on with his father’s mission.


Saving Wildlife

We save wildlife by rescuing sick, injured, and orphaned mammals, birds, and reptiles and restoring them to health.  Our goal is always to do what’s best for the animal.  If they can be treated and return to life in the wild, we work to help them heal, without habituating to humans, for a successful life back in the wild.  Some animals have injuries that will prevent them from returning to the wild and competing successfully.  We do not want to release compromised animals because they would be in danger of attack by stronger animals, starvation, and further injury.  In such cases, we work with the Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife as well as zoos and educational centers to find the best possible placement for the animal, so they will be safe and cared for the rest of their lives, helping people to learn about their species and needs in the wild.  As is always the case in wildlife rehabilitation, no matter how hard we try, there are some animals we can’t help.  If after evaluation, or even after treatment, we learn that an animal can’t be helped back to health, we do the best we can:  we relieve their pain and suffering and help them pass peacefully.

The organization’s clinic, animal sanctuary, and education center are located on 24 acres of land adjacent to the wild and scenic section of Oregon’s famous Rogue River. Animals treated at Wildlife Images have included everything from baby squirrels and badgers to American bald eagles.

Open for Self-Guided Tours

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center is open for self-guided tours throughout the year and has a very active educational component. Off-site programs featuring birds of prey, mammals, and reptiles are available. On-site programs are conducted in the J. David Siddon Community Education Center. Thousands of children visit the shelter each year on educational field trips, enhancing their knowledge of nature and wildlife preservation.

Wildlife Images is a working rehabilitation center but our mission also focuses on education. The public is welcome to take a self-guided tour of the Wildlife Images' sanctuary. Interpretive signs and friendly docents will help you learn about the animals who call Wildlife Images home and about the patients who seek rehabilitation treatment in our clinic.

Photo Courtesy: Michael Cameron

Check out our additional options to make the most out of your visit!

Hours & Admission

  • For those with mobility issues or children, we do have wheelchairs and strollers available to rent for an additional fee. These items are subject to availability.
  • We ask that food or drink is not brought along on tour. Bottled water is permitted.
  • Wildlife Images is a smoke-free environment; there is no smoking or vaping allowed on the campus.
  • For the safety of our wildlife residents, no pets are allowed at the facility or on the tour. For those individuals visiting with certified service animals, please call our facility for a special accommodations request. We are happy to accommodate you to the best of our abilities.


Large vehicles like buses and motorhomes can be accommodated in our overflow parking area. Chaperones for field trips should also park in overflow parking. Our office staff is happy to provide you with directions and the necessary information.

Gift Shop

Visit our unique gift shop before or after your visit. All proceeds from the gift shop benefit the sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife treated at Wildlife Images.

Rentals & Events

Wildlife Images provides a unique place for your next business meeting, family reunion or birthday party! You can learn more about renting the Rotary Clubs of Josephine County Pavilion or Bindi's Critter Creek by emailing savingwildlife@wildlifeimages.org.


To make your visit more enjoyable, we have the following items available to rent:

  • “Critter Cart” – a pull along wagon for toddlers - Donations welcomed
  • Wheel Chair - Donations welcomed