Volunteer needed for soft release of squirrels

We are looking for a special volunteer who is willing to “soft release” five Western Gray Squirrels in your property in Jackson County.
Soft release means to provide food for a period of time, after release, so that the squirrels can adjust to the new environment and have a better chance of survival.
The squirrels were orphaned as babies and came to us at the end of summer. They are now grown and ready to be released. Due to food sources being scarce in the wild, we are hoping to find a good location and some help!
We will provide food and would like the person to scatter food twice a week during winter (for a couple months) after releasing them on your property. 
If it is difficult to come to Wildlife Images to pick up food periodically, we can meet the volunteer in Medford once a week.
If you live on a property which has a forested/treed area with no outside cats (or if you live close to BLM land), where you know there are western gray squirrels and would like to help these squirrels,  please email kokoa@wildlifeimages.org for more information.