Want to help out at Wildlife Images? Here’s how

Wildlife Images cannot function without help from the public.

We are not government funded, and we are supported through donations and memberships. The community helps fund our $1.7 million budget each year through its generosity.

More than that, people help make Wildlife Images what it is: A place focused on Saving Wildlife. Wildlife Images is open to the public year-round as we embrace the strong educational component of our mission to Save Wildlife. We believe that the more the general public understands wildlife, both in purpose and in beauty, we will have a better chance to leave wildlife for the next generation better than we found it.

How do you get involved? We have three ways for you to physically help.

  1. Work for Wildlife Images. We have a job board where you can check on full- and part-time positions.
  2. Volunteer. We are always looking for people who can come in once a week or more to lend a hand in a variety of ways.
  3.  Internships. This is for college students who are looking to make a career of Saving Wildlife or in educating the public.

Maybe you would like to help, but don’t have the time or ability to help in person. You can donate, sponsor an event, sponsor our new 8-person golf cart, or even an enclosure. Those are all spelled out here.