Western Pond Turtle #16-839

Learn About Patient #16-839

  • Arrival: 10/28/16
  • Injury: Ran over by car

This Western Pond Turtle came to us from Central Point after being run over by a car in the street. The individual who witnessed the injury was able to bring the turtle to us. The turtle, suspected female, had a major fracture in her shell.

Antibiotics were administered immediately due to the high risk of infection, and are being given daily. The fractured shell was wrapped, and is re-wrapped each day to keep the fractured area clean and covered. A turtle’s shell is made of bone, and can regenerate and even fully repair. This turtle may be left with a gap in the shell, but other tissue can grow to mend the injury. The goal is to return this turtle back to the wild!

Western Pond Turtles are a sensitive species in Oregon – they face serious threats to their populations and/or habitats. This patient is a very special one for our efforts in conservation.