What’s All the BUZZ About?

Example of an Observational Bee Hive

One of the greatest, most sophisticated, most organized, most VITAL animals on the plant is moving in to Wildlife Images!! Any guesses on who it is??? Here’s a hint… they work tirelessly and make life sweet… If you’re thinking bees than you’re correct! Wildlife Images will soon be home to an observational bee hive!

🐝 This week we celebrated WORLD BEE DAY! 🐝

We know pollinators are so, so important to the planet. The rest of the animal kingdom – including HUMANS rely on bees! Which is why we are adding an observational bee hive and why our landscaping team has worked so diligently on increasing the amount of pollinator-friendly plants in the park.  You can learn more about the 10 Ways to be a BEE Hero in just a couple weeks when the original Bee Girl, Sarah Red-Laird, visits for our Wonders of Wildlife Conservation Lecture Series.

In the meantime – go plant some BEE FRIENDLY flowers like alyssum, cleome, zinnias, sunflowers, salvia, calendula, and verbena to celebrate! 🌸🐝 

Learn more about supporting bees and how they support us!